Monday, May 08, 2006

Getting there....

So first of all, Deadroom will be coming to DVD this year. It'll be coming within a month or two, actually. Extra features are being put together. We met up to record a commentary track this evening, but are going to have to take a second crack at it on Friday, due to technical difficulties. It was really interesting to revisit the film after putting so much distance between it and us...we realized as we began to watch it that none of us had seen it since its last public screening at the Philadelphia Film Festival a year ago.

Anyway,until we have an official announcement on the release, allow my to just offer up this link to an article from the Filmmaker Blog. It's about the self distribution of An American Haunting, which opened this weekend on over 1000 screens and made 6.3 mil against the latest Tom Cruise film.

Granted, I personally have no interest in seeing this film, or making a film like it; but it's really awesome to see a DIY distribution effort achieve such mainstream success.


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Thanks for the link DVD. Of course the self-distributed (on a Hollywood scale) recent star wars pics & Gibson's Passion achieved great mainstream (exposure & $s) success.
Lots of cash + a service deal company = your flick in many theaters. Something to keep in mind for when we are wealthier.

- Sujewa

David Lowery said...

Actually, the Passion and Star Wars were self-financed, but not anywhere close to self-distributed. Fox and Newmarket took care of the releases of those films, both in theaters and on DVD. In the case of Star Wars, there were bidding wars over who would get to distribute it back in '99.

I think this American Haunting case might be one of the first instances of an individual releasing a film at a hollywood scale, at least that I can think of.

Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hey David,

As far as I recall (& me & Blake had this same discussion a few months back, the conclusion was) both the recent Star Wars flicks & Passion were self-distributed in the same way Haunting is self-distributed - the producer/filmmaker (Lucas-Star Wars & Gibson-Passion) hired a distribution company to take the film out to theaters & made the final decsion on all matters. If you look at Freestyle Releasing's website, you'll see several other Hollywood level releases that use the same strategy. On the indie scale, Artistic License has been doing the same thing for several years now. There are other companies that do this also. In fact, I think any distribution company - large or small, can be hired to distribute a movie, and that would still be self-distribution 'cause the filmmaker who is spending the money on the distro work also controls the distro decisions. I am sure dozens of movies have done what Haunting is doing, over the last several decades. If I come across more examples I'll let ya know.

Do a google search on Passion distribution & Star Wars' distribution & you'll probably see many documents that talk about their self-distribution/service deals route.

Here's a quote from one:
" Beyond the service-deal companies, a number of traditional distributors (IFC, Magnolia, Newmarket, etc.) have gotten involved in service deals. Their successes include such hits as Capturing the Friedmans, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and even The Passion of the Christ. In these cases, the filmmakers had considerable capital at their disposal."
Here's the URL:

- Sujewa

Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

let's try that URL again: