Monday, February 20, 2006

DVD Beaver Reviews SEPTEMBER 12TH

September 12th has received another positive review, this time from Gary Tooze at DVD Beaver, one of our favorite sites. While he has criticisms of the film, Gary says that "It is quite moving and finishes exceptionally well... a devastatingly sharp and poignant finale." His says the film's digital indie roots are obvious, but he concludes his technical comments by stressing that "we do like to encourage independent film and feel this is a far superior effort than many we have seen in the past. This film will stay with you and for that alone it should be checked out." You can check out the review here.

We are very grateful for Gary's kind words as DVD Beaver has exceptionally high standards and mostly reviews releases from big studios with multi-million dollar production budgets. More September 12th reviews are expected soon.

Check back for updates here, or on our September 12th site, which now has pages in Italian and Spanish. We will also be launching a Magicfying blog in the next few days, with news about current and future productions.

John Touhey and Lou Giovino

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Congrats Lou & John! Am about to go read the review.