Sunday, March 19, 2006


I just returned from SXSW, and wanted to make a quick post congratulating fellow posters Joe, Kat and Stacy on their premieres at the festial this past week. To everyone who wasn't there, look forward to LOL and jumping off bridges.

You guys (and your films) have inspired me to work harder at getting something in the festival again next year.


Josh Boelter said...

Hey all,

I think this blog could use a set of links on the side that go to descritions of each film being released by the filmmakers on this blog. Just a suggestion, but it could help people find out the basic details about each project.



Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Good idea Josh. I thought about that a while back & then lost track of the idea, good thing you brought it back. I'll add the links this week. In the meantime, if you click on each of the posters names on right side, it will, in most cases, lead to a blog or another web document that will have info. on their film.

Also, if you go through each post, they should have a link to the film being discussed.