Wednesday, July 19, 2006

DVD news

Today I recieved the print proofs for the packaging of the HEAD TRAUMA DVD. It was wild to see the final proof on a nice paper. I also ran through the DVD check disc and gave the replicator the go ahead.

So in 7 days I'll have the finished packaged DVDs. They will arrive just in time to send out for promotion and sales. Even though the DVD doesn't street until September 26th the earlier you have it done the better. It helps to get it in front of the press for long lead pubs and to also give the sales team a good lead time.

Fangoria ran a news piece about the HEAD TRAUMA DVD specs today. I`m really excited about the the DVD - the packaging is killer and there are a ton of special features. The DVD hits stores nationwide on September 26th. The DVD will have a limited run of two collectable covers.

Here`s what fangoria had to say.


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Congrats on all the latest developments lw.

DVD hitting stores nationwide is an epic achievement. How did you make that happen while keeping the distro work DIY?

- Sujewa

lw said...

I'm doing a hybrid model. The theatrical is DIY and the DVD release is in conjunction with a small label. After running my own label I wanted to find a partner that I could do the release with. Last time I spent 2 much time on mangement. So this time I struck a deal with a small label that helps me reach retail and rental BUT allows me to hold all rights. Plus I was able to create an amazing deal - I levearged the theatrical release to help get me the best terms possible. I carved away all digital rights, VOD, Theatrical, even the rights to sell DVD's over my sites and I get the DVD's for a little over cost and can sell them myself.

In the end it is a great way to join forces and to get certain backend management taken care of.

I'm currently writing a book about distro and new models. I'll detail everything in it. It will be released early next year.

Talk to you soon,

Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Sounds like an excellent way to go Lance. The size of the potential market is huge, so a DIY filmmaker either has to create a distro co/hire employees capable of handling thousands of stores or has to spend a looong time taking care of all the dvd distro stuff by self. I think your approach is a wise one, not tying up all your time w/ the distro & still keeping the rights to the flick. Since your partner co for the DVD has already built the infrastructure for getting the DVDs out nationwide, working with them sounds like an excellent way to go.

I will be buying your book next year :)

Good luck w/ the upcoming release.

- Sujewa