Tuesday, December 26, 2006

6 links to official sites of Indie Features movies added, MORE COMING SOON

The plan has been, for some time now, to add links to all the official sites of the movies that members of this blog have written about during the past year. I am going to finish up that project in the coming days. If you look to the right hand side of the main page (you may have to scroll all the way down), you'll see the LINKS section. Added 6 links today:


Date Number One

Head Trauma

Killing Down

Jumping Off Bridges

The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah


More coming soon!

- Sujewa


Blake Calhoun said...

Cool! Looks good.


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Thanks. I'll get the rest added this month.

- Sujewa