Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Creating an effective online press kit

Since I handle my own promotion, I'm often asked what's the best way to land press. Knowing your audience and how to identify your press hooks is a good starting point. Once you've got that down it's time to build an effective press kit. It's never too early to have a press kit for your project and always make sure to take a ton of photos - not just behind the scenes shots BUT staged moments.

Over at the workbook project site I give a brief overview on how to build a solid kit. And I open up the online press kit that I used for HEAD TRAUMA, so you can see first hand what I'm using.

So far the kit has been an amazing tool that has saved me a ton of time. It's helped when I was on the road and someone was on deadline and needed hi-res art or photos.

When the first edition of the DIY workbook is released later this year, I'll go into detail about all phases of press and promotion. If there is anything thing that you think I should add please let me know. Thanks.

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