Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lucas @ 100 Films wants to review your real indie film

Read all about it here. And here is a bit of the post where Lucas talks about his new project:

" I've been trying to think of ways to make the no-budget filmmakers who, in my opinion, are an extremely important niche in the indie world, all that more viable to the larger film community. One method I've come up with is using the internet to write about them in much of the same way I'd write about the latest release from Focus Features. This serves two purposes: 1) it provides much needed exposure (even if it is only a little bit) for filmmakers who work very hard with little to no recognition, and 2) it's a critical voice by which they can get a sense of just how their film plays to someone who isn't inclined to dole out empty praise or criticize needlessly[1]. And being a no-budget filmmakers myself, I figure shining as much light on others as possible has to have some benefits, in terms of karma."

And here again is the total post at 100 Films.

- Sujewa

American Messiah at AFI Dallas

(Also posted at my blog):

So -- the schedule is finally official, and I can now announce publicly that The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah will screen at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival.

The film will screen twice during the festival, at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas:

Screening #1: Saturday, March 24th, at 4:30pm
Screening #2: Sunday, March 25th, at Noon

Very pleased to be screening at such a prestigious fest! Scheduled to be in attendance: uber-indie filmmaker David Lynch, Sydney Pollack, Lauren Bacall, Laura Dern, Sarah Polley, and Jack Valenti!

Schedule note:
David Lynch's new film, Inland Empire, will be screening directly after mine on Saturday, March 24th. Mr. Lynch himself is supposed to be in attendance to receive an award from the festival. Now, I ask you, wouldn't it be cool if he came just a little bit early to catch a little film about a guy who thinks he's a messiah?

Monday, February 26, 2007

updates on my '07 feature Filmmaking For The Poor

No site/page for this film yet. But until the project is done & or until I set up a site for the film (& possibly even after that), updates on my new feature Filmmaking For The Poor, a comedy about low budget filmmaking, can be found here. I am working on the script now and I expect to be able to shoot this movie starting in May - June. Most likely the movie will have several stories about low-budget filmmaking, including one inspired by making & self-distributing Date Number One.

- Sujewa

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Turning your festival experience into cash

exploring some ideas along that line, check it out here. add your own tips & ideas through Comments on that post.

- Sujewa

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Killing Down in Indie Slate

There's a piece on my film Killing Down in the new issue of Indie Slate...

Instead of focusing on the normal "How I Made" the film, the article talks about my foreign distribution and delivery requirements, etc. I haven't seen the story yet, but hopefully it's got some good info in it for filmmakers.

You can get a copy at most Borders Books or Barnes & Noble.

Also, just an FYI - we have two offers we're currently considering for our domestic rights. However, we might do a "service deal" to keep more control. Can't decide. Since we did well on our foreign sale we have more flexibility to choose on the domestic side.

One way or another though the movie should be available pretty much everywhere later this spring and summer. :)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So what do we think about self-distribution now?

In early '06 a few filmmakers, myself included, had a long discussion about the prospects & potential of self-distribution - the discussion was spread out over several blogs, most noticeably at David Lowery's blog. 2006 proved to be a year that, in my opinion, offered an unprecedented amount of highly visible (possibly due to blogging) self-distribution activity in indie film. Now I am interested in what interested people think about self-distro, post-'06. So at my main blog there is a post to get the conversation started. Check it out, comment if you feel like sharing some opinions & observations. Specially filmmakers who self-distributed a work in '06 or filmmakers who are thinking about doing so in '07. Thanks! So go here to get started.