Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Messiah DVD available

Well, I've chosen the CustomFlix route for releasing The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah (for now, anyway -- still seeking a distribution deal, of course).

You can buy the film (a 2-disc special edition with the film, a making-of documentary, and 30+ minutes of deleted scenes) at:

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Filmmaker Profiles DIYdistribution

Hey everyone,
In the current issue of Filmmaker, you can read about the efforts of several indie filmmakers in DIY distribution. In addition to jumping off bridges, there's articles by Lance Weiler, director, Head Trauma), Jay Craven (writer-director, Disappearances) and Lance's interview with EricBassert about Inland Empire.
Here's the link.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gordy Hoffman Interview

I just published an interview with Gordy Hoffman (writer of Love Liza, director of A Coat of Snow, founder of The BlueCat Screenplay Competition) at the WDF blog. Check it out here.

- Sujewa

Friday, January 19, 2007

Date Number One MERCH at a CafePress store

Made a cool yellow t-shirt with black art (ad art from the '06 World Premiere, pictured), a coffee mug, button & a couple of magnets & an '07 calendar. A fun effort to raise some cash for the many distribution expenses that will come due this year as I distribute Date Number One. Check out the CafePress store & if ya wanna support the project, buy something please. The most important merch item of them all, the DVD, is on the way (definitely this winter/before March). Here's the store link. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fest Mob hits Park City

Since I won't be able to make the annual pilgrimage to Park City this year, I started thinking about how I might be able to experience it first hand. The fest mob is a way for people who can not make it to the festival, to interact with those who can, in a sense creating a social network around the experience.

The "fest mob" is a social mobile experiment that makes use of a “mashup” of freely available websites and web 2.0 services. The goal of the experiment is to capture the festival environment from various perspectives in real time. Participants will be using mobile phones to text, photograph, and record their daily activities.

Festival goers use mobile phones to document what they are watching, attending, eating, drinking and seeing. Those who cannot attend the festival are able to contribute questions, comments and news that they are reading about the festival online.

The results can be viewed in real-time at via a mobile site or on a mobile phone by texting FOLLOW FESTMOB to 40404.

Joining the “fest mob” is a simple process for more information visit

Thursday, January 11, 2007

American Messiah update

Received this note from Chris Hansen, director of The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah today:

" American Messiah Fans,

I have received several requests for Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah posters — they are now available. Please visit the official storefront at, and you can find large, small, and mini-size posters with the Andy Warhol-inspired American Messiah poster design!

Also -- an announcement about DVD availability is coming VERY soon. I’ll send out an email with a link to the online store where you can purchase your very own 2-disc special edition of the film.

Chris "

- Sujewa