Thursday, June 07, 2007

Two Months?

Wow, no one has posted here in a while! Hope everyone's projects are doing well.

I thought I'd just share a few quick things about my current project and a couple new things too...

My film "Killing Down" played at the Cannes Film Market recently and the DVD should start popping up in Europe and the Middle East in the near future. No domestic deal has been inked yet, but we have several offers. Still trying to find the best fit and honestly not in a huge hurry.

My new feature is moving ahead nicely too. Hope to shoot it in the late fall or early spring next year. Can't reveal too many details just yet, but I did just get word today that a name actress is very interested in one of the lead roles. So that is very good news! I will be posting more info about this very soon at my blog and in the trades.

Last thing is I'm developing a new Web Series too, and we're going to shoot it in late July and plan to "premiere" it shortly after Labor Day. Pretty excited about this new project for many reasons, but mainly because it's so different. We're producing 10 three-minute webisodes (the "pilot") with a very serialized/graphic novel feel to them. Got a couple recognizable actors for this show too, so I hope it helps build an audience. One interesting side note is I'm using AFTRA on this show instead of SAG. Seems a lot of web shows are going with an AFTRA contract. I've been told they're easier to deal with and have better plans. We'll see and I'll let folks know how the experience works out. A new website dedicated to this project along with a Myspace page will be up in the near future.

I'll definitely post info here too if anyone still read this. Sujewa, you still out there? :)