Friday, September 01, 2006 profiles Mutual Appreciation, Date Number One, Head Trauma & self-distribution of those projects

Very exciting to be featured in a story on self-distribution at the IFC website. The story is an IFC News item titled "The Final Frontier of Filmmaking: Three Stories of Self-Distribution" written by Alison Wilmore. Here is a paragraph from the article:

"These days, a crowded market and the sheer difficulty of making money on a theatrical release has made distributors wary of taking any chances, and often when an offer is made, it's not at all favorable towards the filmmaker. Suddenly self-distribution, once an unthinkable rarity, seems like a viable option for filmmakers who are willing to do the work to get their films on screens. September may be the month self-distribution comes into its own. The three filmmakers profiled below are all in the midst of releasing their own films, and they're not the only ones."

The filmmakers & projects profiled are: Andrew Bujalski & Mutual Appreciation, myself (Sujewa Ekanayake) & Date Number One, and Lance Weiler & Head Trauma. (DNO & HT are Indie Features 06 projects, most awesome - IF06 is on the cutting edge of indie film baby :)

Read the article here.

Thanks for writing about DIY distribution Alison & IFC!

- Sujewa


Blake Calhoun said...

Nice piece. Keep up the good work.


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Thanks a lot Blake. Makin' it happen in 006 baby!

- Sujewa