Monday, October 16, 2006

DV Guru interview re: Date Number One & self distribution

It's a long interview, but should be interesting, specially to self-distribution inclined filmmakers. Here is the link:

Here is a segment from the interview:

" How did you get into filmmaking, and what is the draw to DIY-style filmmaking in particular?

... In 1999 I made a feature flick called Wild Diner on 16mm, submitted it to Miramax, was rejected. Around the same time Dogme 95 broke - with The Celebration in '98/'99, and I have always been a fan of DC punk rock - which is a very DIY thing - they've been DIY since the early 80's (see the new doc American Hardcore for more on that scene). So, the availability of digital video as an affordable production medium and with having DC punk as a model for DIY distribution, I slowly formulated my DIY approach to film production and distribution in the early 00's. If I had used DV for Wild Diner, it would have been a better film due to having the ability to do more takes, and self-financing it would have been possible if it was shot on DV, so all around, there were very good reasons for going DV and DIY on the next feature, which was Date Number One, a comedy about several first dates."


- Sujewa

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Blake Calhoun said...

Cool. I read DVGuru all the time. Good interview, congrats on the press.