Monday, August 28, 2006

Movie Trailer Question - Answered!

Hi Stacy,
The person you would need to contact is (name left blank intentionally).
He is the one who reviews and approves content for the trailers site.

At this point all they need to be are films that are headed for U.S.
release. That release can be limited, but.. well.. a "real" release- not
into a college circuit or to video/web only. Verified acceptance to major
film festivals also count for placement consideration on our site. All
independent trailers are posted on a time/space available basis- submission
doesn't always lead to posting on the site. Films already out on DVD
typically do not qualify for placement on the site.

Trailers should be viewable for all audiences, free of foul language,
nudity, etc. NTSC tapes should be delivered to us on HD (D-5 1080p),
Digibeta, or BetaSP tapes. We would also consider an *uncompressed*
QuickTime movie file on a DVD-R disc. MPAA approved trailers are no
problem. We would want to encode it to assure the highest quality possible
since we are also the developer of the technology. We think you'd agree
your asset should look as good as possible. Our corporate campus is an
administrative site so tapes or DVD-R discs may not be able to be returned.
Prior notice and return packaging will need to be sent with the asset and
arranged beforehand.

Prior to posting a trailer, Apple will also need to have an email

1. Principal cast list w/ director
2. Synopsis
3. 1 sheet (theatrical poster)
4. Release schedule

That's pretty much it.

Thank you for considering our site for your trailer.

-Movie Trailers Team

--Sounds pretty doable to me!
If you want the email address for the contact at apple, send me an email and I'll send it on to you. I didn't want to put it on the web and let the trollers pick it up.
(Last one with their trailer on the apple site has to hold the boom...)


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Good job Stacy. Sounds like you've got the answer. Let us know when your trailer is up on the Apple site.

- Sujewa

Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

although, this part of Apple's letter:
"well.. a "real" release- not
into a college circuit or to video/web only"
is sad. I think college circuit is real & also video/web is also real (or basically any situation that remotely involves cash is "real"). Perhaps, over time, as it deals more with real indie filmmakers, Apple trailers will get less elitist/less slanted towards Hollywood, hopefully.

Hmmm, anyone interested in getting their trailers seen should also check out iFilm & YouTube, those places may be more open to films that do not have a Hollywood or Indiewood funded release.

- Sujewa

Stacy said...

I agree, but they do allow a lmited theatrical...still we do need to push them a bit on this.

and, maybe we need our own trailer site?

Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

I wonder if you can post trailers on this blog?

Yeah, let's look around for a place to put IF06 trailers.

I guess I will now finally have to make a trailer for my movie :)

- Sujewa