Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is fame, wealth & hot fans keeping you from being creatively productive? Perhaps you need The Artists Way

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are thinking: most self-help books are worthless. However, Julia Cameron's book The Artists Way has consistently helped me stay creative. My typical obstacles to creativity are not fame, wealth or hot fans - at least not yet :) - it usually is having a ton of day job work to do (so that bills can get paid), friends & family obligations, consuming art & entertainment instead of making art & entertainment, & the resulting stress from all of the above that keeps me away from the camera or the script in progress or the Final Cut file that needs my attention.

But after a healthy period of slacking I pick up The Artists Way book to get me ready for the next period of art work. The end of the year period that we are in now is a good time to plan & reflect & prepare for the next year. If you have not checked out The Artists Way yet, pick it up at your local bookstore or library & see if it might be useful to you. It has been very useful to me over the years.

- Sujewa

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