Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Indie Features 07

My plan for the new year is to spend less time blogging & on blog related matters & to spend more time making movies & getting them out. So, I will not be doing an '07 version of this blog. This blog rocks, glad I got to do it with my fellow awesome indie filmmakers this year. And I think this blog will be more special, in a way, if it is just a one time thing, a special thing only for 2006 :) But, it would also be cool to see other filmmakers taking this idea: a group blog for filmmakers, & using it.

On the bright side, about a month & a half more of Indie Features 06 goodness to come.

Talk to you soon.

- Sujewa


Blake Calhoun said...

Hey Sujewa,

You should rethink that. I think this blog is great and helps a lot of folks other than just the ones who blog here and promote their films/projects. And I've personally made some nice contacts etc. here.

Why don't you just simply do an Indie Features blog? Or something similar?

You're a good admin to the site and a great contributor - I think it would be ashame not to continue it...


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hey Blake,

Thanks for the positive words. Will think about them.

- Sujewa