Thursday, February 15, 2007

Killing Down in Indie Slate

There's a piece on my film Killing Down in the new issue of Indie Slate...

Instead of focusing on the normal "How I Made" the film, the article talks about my foreign distribution and delivery requirements, etc. I haven't seen the story yet, but hopefully it's got some good info in it for filmmakers.

You can get a copy at most Borders Books or Barnes & Noble.

Also, just an FYI - we have two offers we're currently considering for our domestic rights. However, we might do a "service deal" to keep more control. Can't decide. Since we did well on our foreign sale we have more flexibility to choose on the domestic side.

One way or another though the movie should be available pretty much everywhere later this spring and summer. :)


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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Congrats Blake!

- Sujewa