Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So what do we think about self-distribution now?

In early '06 a few filmmakers, myself included, had a long discussion about the prospects & potential of self-distribution - the discussion was spread out over several blogs, most noticeably at David Lowery's blog. 2006 proved to be a year that, in my opinion, offered an unprecedented amount of highly visible (possibly due to blogging) self-distribution activity in indie film. Now I am interested in what interested people think about self-distro, post-'06. So at my main blog there is a post to get the conversation started. Check it out, comment if you feel like sharing some opinions & observations. Specially filmmakers who self-distributed a work in '06 or filmmakers who are thinking about doing so in '07. Thanks! So go here to get started.

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Blake Calhoun said...

Hey Sujewa,

BTW, nice mention in Filmmaker Mag for you and the blog! Cool stuff.