Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Date Number One to play Washington, DC and Seattle, Washington in May

May '06 is gonna be huge for Date Number One. The flick will now have its World Premiere in DC on Sat May 13, 2 shows (7 PM & 9 PM) at Goethe-Institut (prior to this engagement coming into existence a 5/12 lo-key "preview screening" was set up at Kensington Row Bookshop, now that's been cancelled & the Goethe shows will require lots of promotion/bigger venue, higher profile and thus now the World Premiere label will have to be affixed to the Goethe shows, before that the Seattle shows had it). Then the Pacific Northwest premiere of the film happens May 19 Fri - 21 Sun, 6 shows (7 PM & 9 PM daily) at Seattle's Northwest Film Forum . I expect to have retail DVDs ready by the 5/13 World Premiere (if not, definitely by 5/19, and if not, definitely definitely at some point in May :).

I am finishing up a screener DVD at the moment. Fellow Indie Features 06 blogger Kelley Baker will check out the sound mix tomorrow or Thu (Kelley recorded sound for 6 Gus Van Sant features). Then on Fri or Sat I will be mailing screener DVDs to bloggers who requested them. At some point next week I expect to see the first review of the movie up on the web.

And that's the latest exciting news from here. Will have more on these developments next week.

- Sujewa


Chris Hansen said...

Congrats, Sujewa. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Blake Calhoun said...

Good work. Still waiting on that trailer though....? :)


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hey Chris, thanks, you'll see it soon - this month.

Hey Blake, yeah, I'm waiting for the trailer too :) I'll post a clip from the movie on the web this month.

Talk 2u2s soon.

- Sujewa

Amir Motlagh said...

wheres my dvd dude....hope all is well, got done with a five hour soundtrack session tonight..