Wednesday, April 12, 2006

LOL leaves Philadelphia LOLing

We are home from the Philadelphia Film Festival, and once again, I have a wrap-up report with lots of pictures. This Festival is great, and everyone should be sure to submit for next year's event. They fly you out to Philly and put you up, the attendance is good, the programming is good, and overall it's just a really fun Festival. I was able to meet cool people and still have time to do some chilling and looking around. The city is easy to navigate without a car, though public transporation tends to stop pretty early compared to Chicago. The Fest seems to be on an upward trajectory, and everyon was talking about how much it has grown in the past few years. Definitely check it out.

We all landed at separate times, but we coordinated to have a driver from the Festival get as many of us as possible. The wonderful Mark James picked Kevin, Kris, and I up, but we couldn't find Tipper. We were driving around the airport when one of us spotted her walking. We yelled her name through many lanes of airport traffic and she finally heard us and came over to the car. She claims that our many phone calls to her did not show up on her phone.

The Festival was nice enough to hook us up with a place to stay. Since there were so many of us in town, we got an apartment, instead of a hotel room. Here we are after just arriving.

Our first screening was very well attended and we had a great Q&A session afterward. We got some new questions and the audience seemed to really like the film.

As is our custom, we handed out free LOL Soundtracks after the Q&A. It's great to have people come up and talk to us individually after the film. We always meet a lot of nice people.

Here is Tipper talking to filmmaker Paul Harrill after the screening. We spent some time hanging out with Paul during the weekend and talking about the changing landscape of indie film. He's keeping up with all the changes on his blog.

One of the nice things about traveling to Festivals is the chance to do touristy things.

The Festival threw a delicious brunch for the Guests at a swank downtowm restaurant. The food was amazing and we got to meet other filmmaker who were in town.

Here I am with Jesse Dubus, PFF's amazing print-traffic guy. Chris and Jesse were friends before the Festival, and he served as our unofficial guide for the weekend. He knew where all the parties were happening, and how to get us from one place to the next.

The next stop is Boston. We will be there April 19-24th. Please come see the film if you have a chance.

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Paul said...

Cool pics! I love the one of me and Tipper -- my eyes are normally that red, folks. In case you were wondering, I am pointing to an iPod and saying to Tipper, "We didn't have these back when I was your age."