Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hello from philly

Just wanted to introduce myself - my name's Lance Weiler and I'm a filmmaker. This year I'll have two features in distro. First up is a number of festival screenings for my newest feature HEAD TRAUMA. Then come fall my first feature THE LAST BROADCAST will get a re-release collector's edition. The DVD will be released nationwide on Sept. 26th.

Thanks for the invite Sujewa, indie features 06 is a great concept and I'm excited to contribute and hear about everyone's distro experiences.


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Welcome aboard Lance! Looking forward to checking out Last Broadcast & Head Trauma (i'll make an exception for my no-horror rule for a fellow IF06 member :), also hanging in person when I play Philly.


Blake Calhoun said...

Cool. I saw The Last Broadcast years ago. Nice film and that was PRE-BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. I always thought your film inspired Blair Witch (along with Man Bites Dog). You guys were ahead of your time too with the satellite distribution of your film (if I recall correctly).

Anyway, great to have you contributing here. Sujewa has put together a unique group of filmmakers.

Blake Calhoun

Jacky Treehorn said...

Good news Lance.

Jerry (Laughcalvin, HIT)