Tuesday, April 11, 2006

IFP Distribution Panel Discussion

Last night there was a very informative meeting about distribution at the Imaginasian Theater in Midtown Manhattan. It was sponsered by IFP and the panel was moderated by Scott Macauley of Filmmaker Magazine. The panel was Jay Duplass, director of the Puffy Chair, Caveh Zahedi (I Am a Sex Addict), and Susan Leber (producer of Down to the Bone).

The filmmakers discussed their strategies on the festival circuit, a few clips were shown, and there was a Q + A. Caveh cracked the audience up with some one-liners.

From what I remember, one of them mentioned "Netflix" and their willingness to work with independent filmmakers. They seem like a viable distribution outlet for DIY filmmakers.

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hey Wyatt,

Thanks a lot for the notes from last night's event. If I had the time I would have been there (also if I lived in NYC).

Later on.