Friday, July 14, 2006

back from the show

I just returned from a video dealer's convention in Vegas. I was invited to speak and ended up talking about my distro plans for HT. I meet some very cool people and made some great contacts. The show is the largest gathering of video dealer's and buyer's from around the country. I promoted the upcoming DVD release of HT with some mini comics of the website. I used a similar promotion at the LA FILM FEST a couple weeks back. There a great cost effect promotional tool with a strong impact. I do a limited run at kinkos and print them up on a laser paper. They end up costing about .22 cents a piece.

Front cover of the comic

On the theatrical end of things I've just booked the 12th screen of the run. Three more to go. I'll be posting a list of cities and venues within the next two weeks so stay tuned. If you happen to live in one of the cities let us know info @

The alternate soundtrack has a new release date. It will be coming out on Oct. 10th on Park the Van records. We're currently working on putting together a couple of shows that will feature some of the bands on the soundtrack accompanying the movie live. The soundtrack is called Cursed - the HEAD TRAUMA music project and features performances by:

Bardo Pond
The Capital Years
Dr. Dog
The A-Sides
National Eye
Marshal Allen (SunRa)
Greg Weeks (Espers)
Steve Garvey (Buzzcocks)
and many more...

This coming week I'll be unveiling the final package design for the HEAD TRAUMA DVD's. I'm so excited about the way the whole thing came together. I'll be posting some hi-res photos for everyone to see. More details about what's on the DVD and within the packaging will be announced very soon.

Lastly, I started yet another social network experiment for HT. So far I have a myspace and tagworld profile. And now the newest addition to the social networking family is a filmmaking social network called iklipz. It's too early to tell what I think of it. I'll keep you posted.

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