Thursday, July 06, 2006

Eve of Understanding

Hi. I'm Alyson Shelton, writer/director of 'Eve of Understanding' a feature currently doing the festival circuit. We also have a blog we've been keeping since August 2004, that goes into detail about all phases of productions.

The film has screened at:

The Sedona Film Festival

MethodFest (Nominee for Best Actress)
Waterfront Film Festival
Female Eye Film Festival (Winner for Best Feature)

and on Sunday, July 23rd at 7:15pm at Laemmle's Fairfax 3 in Los Angeles, CA in the Competition Section of:
Dances with Films.

We're in the midst of the selling game. We decided to spend some of our last dollars to hire a publicist for Dances with Films to help us generate some buzz. It felt like the right thing to do. Dances with Films is a discovery festival - that's us - no name talent or crew - and we felt like we wanted to do a full sales push at this festival. It will be interesting to see if it pays off the way we hope. We'd really like to have the film sold by the end of the summer. We'll see.


Blake Calhoun said...

noticed you shot part of your film in tejas. glad to see that. a lot going on down here in the lone star state.

good luck at "dances"...


Stacy said...

Hey - Alison and Jen! Glad to see you guys on this site!

Chuck said...

Hi Alison, I blog here occasionally, and yur film looks fascinating. Good luck with the festival circuit, and if your film coms anywhere near Fayetteville, North Carolina, I'll try to attend.

Chuck said...

That should be "your film" in the above comment. I need to edit more carefully before leaving comments.....

AS said...

Hey thanks for the comments - what a friendly blog! Hi Stacie! Hi Blake! Hi Chuck!

Yes, we shot the vast majority of our film in TX (Katy and Austin and on the road) and had a great time, so many generous people - we'd love to come back. And many of the people involved are Texans - not me - but so many others.

And if we come to NC we'll let you know!


Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Unfriendly people are fed to the Kraken.

- Sujewa