Thursday, July 13, 2006

Killing Down Update

Hadn't posted anything in a while on this blog. Been reading it though regulary and glad to see the progress of everyone's projects.

Currently we're finishing the final-final color correction and about to do the final-final sound mix. I say "final-final" because I had to do a complete temp color grading and temp sound mix back in May for our premiere screening at the USA Film Festival in Dallas. That was a great event, but it put us way behind on getting the film, well, finalized. So, here we are two months later about to finally finish. :)

We've been creating some new artwork gearing up for our industry screenings (these should happen in late August into September) and I've uploaded a preview of a new poster look here. If you don't know anything about the film it's a psychological thriller about a guy named Steven Down who thinks people are out to kill him - so we're trying to play up the paranoia angle.

Hopefully we'll have some (good) news to report in the near future about our distribution on "Killing Down".


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