Saturday, July 08, 2006

Off to Vegas

Well I’m getting ready to leave town again. I’m headed to Vegas for the VSDA show. The VSDA show is one of the largest gatherings of video retailers in the country. I’ve be invited to speak. A few years back I started a program called the Filmmakers of Tomorrow. FOT was all about putting independent filmmakers directly in touch with independent retailers. After doing our own distro with TLB, we saw first hand how great working with independent retailers could be. It made a lot of sense to cut out the middle man and the independent retailers were looking for ways to give their customers something different. At the time there were over 10,000 independent video stores. Well the program has since changed names and expanded. I’m excited to return and see how its grown.

Theatrical bookings and a long lead press push have been taking up a lot of my time since getting back from the LA Film Fest. I’m close to locking the 12th screen! The theatrical run is going to be great. I’ve been able to secure some excellent venues. I’ll have a final list of venues in the next few weeks. If you happen to be in a city and would like to have HT play there let me know.

Well we turned over all the final print materials for the DVD on Friday. The packaging is killer. Sparkart did an amazing job. Between the movie, the 2 hours of bonus features, the collector’s booklet with linear notes by Stephen Susco (the Grudge & Grudge 2) and some original artwork from famed comic book artist S.R. Bissette (Constantine and Swamp Thing) - I’m jumping out of my skin to get my hands on the final version. If all goes well we should have check disks next week and then final packaging the week after! The DVD release date is official SEPTEMBER 26th and then 2 weeks later the alternate soundtrack will hit stores OCTOBER 10th, thanks to Park the Van records. The alternate soundtrack is meant to be lined up with a special scene in the movie - so when you turn down the tv and turn up the stereo you'll experience an alternate version of the movie.

There are some other exciting things in the works for HT but it's too early to tell . BUT I can say they involve the trailer and also a very special screening!

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Sounds awesome LW, best of luck in Vegas.

- Sujewa