Tuesday, March 28, 2006

my chicago friends, go see my film

a side note, "my break ups into a million pieces" plays at the Chicago Asian American Film Festival on Mon. April 3rd at 6PM at the Gene Siskel Theater. I will not be there, as i spent all my money at the San Francisco screening last week. on another side note, the SFIAAFF screening went very well with a very nice and supportive packed house, and quite frankly, a simple and smooth Q A in which i did not try to upstage anyone on purpose. look at me mom, i'm all grown up.
Oh, a side note, if you are in or near Chicago, try to make it to the screening, and if you like it, you can pretend to be me. and if you hate it, well, you can curse my name to hell, and say that if his short film is any indication of his filmmaking talent, then that concludes that "whale" will be just as or more terrible and worthless, but goddamn that poor child for trying. goddamn him..

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

hey mr. amir,

if your flick "whale" is as half as entertaining as your posts, than it will be a fine cinematic product. good luck to yer short in chicago. maybe joe swanberg & his chicago crew will get to see it.