Friday, March 31, 2006

Pictures and Video from SXSW

I've been back from Austin for a while, but it took me this long to recover and get back into the blogging mindset. Here are some pictures from the SXSW experience. The Festival remains the pinnacle of greatness and is the high-point of my year so far. I can't say enough about the experience. A week in Austin during SXSW is just good for the soul. I will make it a point to be there every year, whether I have a film playing or not. Please allow me to present a few of my favorite images from the Festival. We did our best to document the experience, and you can find more on the LOL Journal.

If you're doing a Festival DIY style, you need to cram people in. Our friend and fellow filmmaker Justin Johnson (who is almost finished with a documentary about the 12-year-old girl who made the zombie movie) hooked us up with a place to stay. At one point we slept 9 people in this room.

Scoping out the venue. This theatre fits 500 people and I think we got about 350 in there for the World Premiere. Not bad.

Doing the press thing is crucial. Here's the LOL gang doing a station announcement for an Austin public-access show.

I was very honored that Matt Dentler, the director of SXSW, personally introduced LOL. He went out of his way before and during the Festival to promote our film and encourage people to see it. I owe Matt big time, and hopefully some day I can pay him back for all the kindness he has shown me.

For a video recap of the trip, check out Kevin Bewersdorf's Podcast from SXSW, which just went up tonight!

If you live in Philadelphia, come see us next weekend! All of us will be there for both screenings of the film. April 7 and 9 at the Cinema at PENN.

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Nice photos, thanks Joe. I've been unable to add pics to my blogger blogs lately, hmmmm, maybe it's my computer that's the problem. Anyway, excellent photos, looking forward to hearing more about the on-going LOL screening adventures.