Monday, March 20, 2006

Some Indie Features 06 Luv from Professor Chuck Tryon

Catholic U (DC) film professor Chuck Tryon opens his blog entry on indieWIRE's new social networking project indieLOOP by giving some luv to our little-but-growing group blog:

" I've really enjoyed watching the apparently tireless Sujewa's Indie Features 06 blog grow over the last few weeks, and I hope the blog loses the "06" and continues to grow over the long haul. I discovered the blog through Sujewa, of course, but several filmmakers I know, whether through blogging, IRL, or through their films, are contributing, and it's nice to see that film community evolve (and it even makes me wish I had a movie to promote).

I've also enjoyed discovering new films and filmmakers through the blog, including Joe Swanberg's LOL-The Movie, which looks like a fun movie (and in classic indie form, LOL not only has a blog but a MySpace page, too (and Karina's review of the film also sounds promising). I'm also curious to see Kat Candler and Stacie Storie's Jumping Off Bridges, which has been getting some good buzz recently after a SXSW screening."

Read the rest of the entry here.

Thanks for the appreciation Chuck! You are invited to come write about, promote relevant projects here anytime. Check your e-mail for the official/access enabling invitation, to be used if/when u see fit.

And any IF06ers who have not checked out LOOP yet, do it the first chance you get. I think it will become an extremely useful indie filmmaking & distribution (& partying of course, being a social network after all :) tool here in the US.

Here's my LOOP page. Come by & say hi if u join.


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