Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trip to NYC

I spent the last four days in NYC. I met with producer's reps., distributors, casting agents and several people that are deep in the NY indie scene. This is one thing that producer's must do: walk that line between getting information, giving information and keeping the buzz at just the right level. While you're doing that, you're drinking coffee or eating, because, after all, you're in NYC.(I actually had a pistachio cream donut for breakfast on Wednesday!)

The meetings were good, great even.

jumping off bridges has pushed me into several roles I didn't think I was quite ready for, at least not all at once: producer/production mgr./line producer/post production and producer again. Our film is on the verge of finding it's place and all the work Kat and I (and our kick ass crew) put in over the past year will help make that happen.

It was good to come back from NYC and settle in to the growing list of work items we have to complete in the coming week. It's daunting, but then again, so was making a feature film on a tiny budget, and, of course, the marathon was a bit daunting at the beginning.

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Nice update Stacey. Nice to see people working hard to get their projects out. Makes me wanttobe less lazy :)