Thursday, March 09, 2006

not enough time, ever, ever so tired

so, good news on the short front. "my break ups into a million pieces" has been invited to play at the Chicago Asian American Film Fest in April, then to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Fest(VC Film Fest) in May after its March (US) priemere at SFIAAFF. what does this all mean? I have now found a discrepancy in the film fest world which might ultimately relate to the indie film world as well. now, my last two films, both of which have been docs have had asians as lead subjects. i myself am not asian but as the tracking record goes for these last two works, asian american festivals are program friendly whereas the other fests are not. however, my white lead and iranian american voiced, fiction film "Still Lover" which preimered at DanceswithFilms played at those same fests where the new work is not. i am not discussing "Pumkin Little" as that was never a work for mass audience appeal, but in my estimation, "Still Lover" is as audience friendly, or better yet, accesseble as is "my break ups". One played at the regular fest, the other at asian fests. i find it hard to believe that "my break ups" is only interesting to Asian American's, or that the subject matter is specific to a group of people. it simply is about a young indie rocker moving to the US after her famous painter father dies. yes she is asian, and she talks about her experiences in the US, but, it is pretty fuckin universal if i so indulge in using that lame saying. sorry, thats the last of that. now,if festivals are neglecting to really view the US we all live in, that might be a very big problem. for some of us, its mainstream or indie (only financially speaking because i have no agenda), and for others its, mainstream or indie or indie with ethnic....and you know what, lets stop with this joke shit, and start viewing ourselfs human first and last. i had never really thought about this before, but with all the invites on one side, and rejections from the other, an ill lit light bulb ignitied. i wish it just burns out quickly. oh, and whale is moving ever so so so so something. i will be done before i die.

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hmmm, very interesting discoveries Mr.Amir. Will have to mention it at Filmmaking/Poor where I recently posted an entry about a "soft segregation" in the US liberal indie film/music scenes.