Thursday, March 16, 2006

the Second Screening

We had our second and final SXSW screening today, at the Paramount. It was exciting when Kat and I rounded the corner of congress to see in the marquee, jumping off bridges. A moment of just...damn, it's real!
Less than a year ago we were still scrambling for money, film stock, people, and were planning a trip to NYC to see about convincing Michael Emerson to be in the film. Amazing what can happen in almost a year.

Today was a day of gratitude.
To Kat for writing a great story, to our crew and cast for bringing it to life, to our investors, to the people who brought food to the set and encouraged us and kept us going. I'm grateful to have been a part of that and to keep it going. I'm also grateful that I inherited some of my grandpa's hard headed nature, that tendency to go forward when any sensible person wouldn't has always served me well.

After the screening we all gathered at the Driskoll, then headed out to eat dinner with our friends from the Rough Cut Lab, Alan and Eunee. Then we watched their film, Inner Circle Line. I was exhausted, still, the film was a treat, visually stunning and full of soul and heart.

A good day all around.

A near sell out on a Thursday afternoon at the Paramount. A wonderful review in the Chronicle. A nice way to end our week at SXSW.

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Blake Calhoun said...

nice review in the chronicle. congrats.