Friday, March 10, 2006

what we want from SXSW

In all the rush of prints and masters and posters and parties and trying to find time to feed the dogs and keep the lights on at home...

I like to have a clear goal and I like the number three. With that said, here are our goals for SXSW:
  1. Have a great premiere for jumping off bridges - increase our "pedigree" (that's a word all the industry folks seem to love). We'll get reviews, good ones I hope, publicity, and word of mouth and some notice.
  2. Get some meetings with distributors and work a deal with them.
  3. Get some meetings with production companies who work with indies (we have a list) and pitch them our next project.
We've worked hard to make all three things happen. Now, we just have to keep things in motion, show up and smile a lot. I know we're ready...wish us luck!

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amir motlagh the humanzee said...

good luck Stacy....wish your film success