Monday, February 20, 2006

Amir Motlagh Interview

I just posted a 2005 interview with Amir Motlagh at Filmmaking For The Poor. Amir mentioned, a couple of posts below, that he is now at work on his first feature "Whale". Prior to that project he finished several short films, played festivals, got his short "Still Lover" seen by a lot of people on the web through AtomFilms, and toured with his movies. Like me he looks to indie/punk rock as a model for DIY film production & distribution, and he is not shy about getting on a plane in California to go play his movie to 40 people at a microcinema in DC. Here's a description of the previous work, in Amir's own words:

"And here are their obligatory synopses:

"Dino Adino": Dino is turning 23 and his friends decide to document it. Although he dreams of a life as a graphic artist, much is revealed about his conflicted character as the night goes on in the growing suburb of Irvine California.

"Love @ 11:47": A film about the obsessions that drive three characters into uncontrollable action as the clock turns to 11:47 PM in a place and time like any other.

"Still Lover" : A man, a woman, life and love one shot at a time.

"Pumkin Little": "And we shall dance to see another day", A documentary about a young Filipino American searching for himself, as a sea of labels (gangster, break dancer, student, boyfriend, son, Asian, American) proves his struggles and hopes.

"Lessons in Self-Destruction" #01-#06: A six part epic into things that lead to joy and hypertension.

"My Break Ups Into A Million Pieces": A short documentary about the daughter of the Filipino Fine Artist Santiago Bose, as she tries to escape the memory of her father after his death. She ventures to a strange new land (Southern California) and copes with the myth of Americana, while rediscovering all the beauties of life.

"Whale": My first fiction feature. That you will have to wait to hear about."

Read the whole interview here.


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David Lowery said...

I'm looking forward to learning more about Whale - any film with my favorite mammall in as the title has my interest from the get-go.