Friday, February 24, 2006

Valley Fog Blog

This blog is all about the film Valley Fog and the long, slow, tortuous history of its route to fruition. As I recall, the idea to do an independent film came proceeded the concept for the film. I was going through a period of creativity which not coincidentally came around the time of my divorce. I was exploring several other mediums at the time: music, blogging and painting. Film was the natural fourth, I've been a film buff most of my life.

What made it all feasible was that the cost of entry to making a viable film was coming down. I realized it would be possible to tell my story on film for a fairly modest price... but, what story? They say write what you know and that's exactly what I did... finally, about two years later. First I had to try several dead ends, try to get actors to improvise my drama on a line by line basis and generally, learn a lot of lessons the hard way. All of this along with my twelve year old son, who will probably go on to tell the story in his own way in a few years, and probably with a budget a million times the size.

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Valley Fog sounds interesting (at least from the little that I know about the story & the making of it). Looking forward to checking it out Cheryl.