Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Finishing Touches

I always think the hard work is over, but the hard work is never over. LOL have been invited to three Festivals so far (SXSW, Philadelphia, and the Independent Film Festival of Boston) and I'm not even finished with the damn thing. In order to get the jump on Festival deadlines, it's essential to send out early screeners of the film, while you're still making the final tweaks. Thankfully LOL has been well received, but the hard work is just beginning, again...

Over the next few weeks, I will not only polish up the film and get an HD Master, DIGIBeta Master, BetaSP Master, and DVCAM Master (because every Festival has their own preferred format) made, but I will also spend almost as much money as the film cost (about $3,000) on promotional items like posters, postcards, CDs, business cards, DVDs, etc, etc, etc just so people will actually hear about the movie and show up.

If it sounds like I'm complaning, I'm not. I can't imaging being in a more exciting position. Please come see LOL somewhere this year. I'll be posting on here as often as possible, and I'm also keeping a production journal on the film's site, where you can get more info about the process.


Sujewa said...

Hey Joe,

Thanks for joining up & posting. Looking forward to seeing the final, final cut of LOL.


Chris Hansen said...


I'm looking forward to seeing LOL, hopefully at a festival soon (I'm hoping to get into Boston Indie as well, but I haven't heard yet).

Chris Hansen