Saturday, February 18, 2006

Elizabeth Gunness

I'd like to thank Sujewa for allowing me to me to be a part of this fine group of filmmakers. I've been teaching film and video production to high school kids for twelve years on a very minimal budget, and Rich Schmidt's ideas were an inspiration to me early on about what could be achieved with limited resources, so it's great see he's a part of this venture as well.

My film Elizabeth Gunness, is a narrative about an old fashioned woman in a small town who has a few odd ideas about justice and order. The film was fully crewed with former film students of mine. My composer, Andrew Ingkavet of 300 Monks, is currently writing the final cues for the score and the final sound mix will be completed within the next month. Here's a direct link to the Trailer.

Eric Maconaghie Rogers

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Elizabth G. sounds like an interesting movie Eric. The brief description in your blog entry makes me think of a grandma w/ a gun over her shoulder, maybe rocking out in a rocking chair.
Looking forward to checking out the film when it is all done.