Friday, February 10, 2006

Deadroom coming to DVD & possibly some screens in 2006

Deadroom, a film by James M. Johnston, David Lowery, Nick Prendergast, and Yen Tan,
winner of the Director's Choice Award for the Best Narrative Feature in Texas Film Festival 2005, will be coming to DVD in 2006 says the film's website.

I may be showing this film in DC in May or so, won't know about that for sure for a couple of weeks, so it is entirely possible that Deadroom will also come to one or more screens this year.

See Press Coverage for the film here.

Here's some of that press coverage:

"RECOMMENDED. Four directors, four visions and four vignettes come together in a strong, quiet omnibus that is neither horror story nor ghost thriller."
- Ashlea Halpern, Philadelphia City Paper

And I just discovered that the film was selected by all these festivals (I knew it played some fests, didn't know it played in SXSW '05, etc.):

Deadroom was an official selection of:

The 2005 SXSW Film Festival
The 2005 Cleveland International Film Festival
The 2005 Philadelphia International Film Festival
The 2005 Texas Film Festival
The 2005 Ozone Film Festival

BTW, where's Ozone? Good name for a town. "Futuristic."

Looking forward to checking out Deadroom.


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