Sunday, February 19, 2006

"whale" in progress "my break ups" on parole

OK. So, i have been busy with my feature film "whale" which is coming along with a haste less ferver. There is a blog about it somewhere, although the immediacy of its postings is something akin to inconsistency. My other film, "my break ups into a million pieces" gets it's US preimere at the San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival and plays March 19th and the 23rd of 06, so if you are in town, please stop by. It got its world preimere at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in Nov. 05 but alas, that is half the information. Our great moderator Sujewa E. screened it at his Capitol City Microcinema sometime in an earlier 05 along with that little pretty short i did with that pretty little red haired girl i once dated called "Still Lover". Did you like those films Sujewa? I was up stairs alone while they played, a habit of mindless touring. Anyway, i will post when new things happen, and so far, it is safe to say that "whale" is turning into something that i imagined once, so thats pretty good. I am also composing the soundtrack with a few very talented musicians, Reza Pormansor, aka Sam Oak, aka Rayray Brown and Art Toussi from the band Unfamiliar Occurence, who also did work on my upcoming "Shanks and the Dreamers" album. This is one of my most favorite things about this piece. Next post will include the synopsis, but i will say this, the film uses a mix of professional and non acting talent, it's very personal and akin to a hot bath with a bottle of Black Label. Keep the shit rolling compadres, cuz we are all in this cut and paste life together. Your Likely Friend...

amir motlagh

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Hey Amir,

Thanks for joining the blog.

When I was only dreaming about touring with a movie, u had done it w/a couple of them. So it will be very useful to have ya around on this blog, for us neophyte self-distro kids.

Later today I'll make a post introducing you & perhaps other new members to the group.

Yeah,"Still Lover" & "My Break Ups" were excellent, will write about them a little on my post today (later today, editing now).