Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to Indie Features 06

Here's the idea (inspired by GreenCine Daily & IndieWIRE blogs section):

A. A group blog
B. By filmmakers (key creative & bidness ppl: directors, producers, etc.) who have a feature in distribution* in 06, are going to have a feature in distribution soon
C. Distribution = any sort of public availability of the film: film festivals, playing shows in your basement for the neighborhood every once in a while, having the DVD available for sale, etc.
D. Group members can point to posts in their own blogs, talk about their movies in original posts created for this blog, talk about other people's movies, etc.
E. Keep the topic of posts solidly on films & closely related matters (due to vast political, etc. differences that may exist among group members, members can talk about non-film stuff in their own blogs)
F. I am sure I & others who participate in this blog will come up w/ more guidelines as the project evolves. Or not.

If you are a filmmaker who has an arty/indie feature in distro this year & want to participate in this project, let me know.

Later on. More activity soon.

the guy who started this project
Film: Date Number One
My other blog (for lots of links on some of the flicks that will be talked about in this blog):
Filmmaking For The Poor

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The Great Swifty said...

Interesting. I'll be keeping my eye on this blog.