Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blog admin note: weird going ons w/ the template

The links section on right hand side of the blog do not show up properly on one of my computers (thanks Blake C. for the heads up) but the section does show up properly on my other computer (the later one is running a more recent version of windows). But my other blog shows up as it should on both computers. Will be experimenting a bit w/ the blog template the next couple of days to see if I can get stuff to show up properly. Also, hopefully before this week is out I will be able to get links for all the IF06 flicks added to the links section of the blog. If the links section continues to act weird I'll be adding the links to all the IF06 flicks below my signature whenever I post. Maybe I can add the links to the intro at the top of the page also.

Btw, I saw a mention of The War Tapes in the most recent issue of Premiere Magazine. Congrats Deborah!

- Sujewa

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