Saturday, May 06, 2006

Coppola writes about forgetting his resume

Of course no one at this blog has the problem that Francis Ford Coppola has - matching his early successes, since we are all at best slightly a few steps past the amature level (compared to Coppola & co) and none of us have yet achieved a "The Godfather" type success (of course I am sure some of us will), but being near amatures, being closer to the starting point of our careers as opposed to being closer to its peak may not be a bad thing:

From Coppola's journal:

" 9-30-05
I've begun to think that the only sensible way to deal with this dilemma is to become young again, to forget everything I know and try to have the mind of a student. To re-invent myself by forgetting I ever had any film career at all, and instead to dream about having one."

and he also writes:

" So, for myself at any rate, I've decided the best course is to become an amateur and accept that I know next to nothing and love almost everything. "

Read the rest of it here.

Thanks Movie City Indie for the link.

- Sujewa

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