Thursday, May 25, 2006

James M.Johnston & David Lowery in DC

Just got home from hanging out w/ David Lowery & James Johnston at the Black Cat in DC. Earlier today we showed David & James' flick Deadroom to a small but appreciative audience at Kensington Row Bookshop. Hanging out w/ the two filmmakers from Texas has been a lot of fun.
I got to learn all about where to play in Austin & Dallas (!Metronome! (sp?)) & about the general lay of the land over there, for my Texas gigs w/ Date Number One.

David & James visited the monuments earlier today, I am sure David will blog about that & other aspects of the DC trip very soon.

Gotta visit James' wife Amy's vegan joint Spiral Diner when I visit Texas.

- Sujewa

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David Lowery said...

Howdy from the South Bronx, Mr. Sujewa, and thanks for your hospitality earlier this week. For your edification, here is both the proper spelling and the link to the website of the coolest alt-screening space in DFW: Metrognome.