Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Date Number One" review # 2! (very positive)

This review is out of LA, from the Hollywood Is Talking blog.

Here's a segment from it:

" But if a connection is made, the plates speed up and the spectator is caught up in the jugglers, the ideas, the desire, and the wonder of it all.

Such is the case with Indie Filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake’s feature “Date Number One”, five stories of diverse characters juggling in and around a cozy bookshop in Kensington, Maryland. It’s probably fair to say that Ekanayake has been inspired by the early work of Richard Linklater and Jim Jarmusch, two filmmakers who patiently take the time to let their characters talk, and perhaps more importantly listen, so that viewers can get to know these folks. Like these two filmmakers, Ekanayake lets his characters make mistakes, fall silent, make false starts, pulling the viewer into their story through identification and recognition."

Check out the whole thing here!

- Sujewa

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