Saturday, May 20, 2006

HEAD TRAUMA coming to a city near you

Over the last week or so I started booking a theatrical run for my newest feature HEAD TRAUMA. My goal is to screen the movie for at least a week on 10 to 15 screens. So far I've booked 4 screens, three in the Philadelphia area and one in Scranton, Pa - where the movie was shot. I'm waiting to hear back from screens in VT, AZ, NM, MO, CA, NY, MA and WA.

If anyone happens to know of any indie friendly venues please let me know. I've been talking to a number of independent theater owners with the goal of stitching together a number of screens across the country.

I'm structuring a 50/50 split and so far I'm planning on attending each of the runs for a couple days to help with press and promotion. In most of the cities I'll be doing some talks and workshops. I'm also putting together a series of after parties.

The run will start in August and lead up to the street date of the HEAD TRAUMA DVD on Sept. 26th nationwide.

The goal is get some of the theatrical run covered by sponsorship. I'm close to pulling together some sponsorship money to assist with travel and the production of promotional materials etc.

There are a number of other exciting things in the works as well. The alternate sound track to the movie is close to completion and will be released nationwide on Sept. 26th by a great indie label. I'll have more details about the alt soundtrack and its role within the promotion and distro of HT very soon.

Lastly, HT will be having its world premiere and European premiere at two amazing festivals in June. I'm very excited about the screenings but won't be able to make full announcements until later this month. But I'm planning on using the fests as a springboard to my platform release for the movie.

More to come...

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Sujewa [Blog Admin] said...

Go Lance! Sounds like HT is gonna get some excellent exposure & there will be lots of opportunites for people to check out the flick.

- Sujewa